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American Beer TV was created out of pure passion for all things beer. Let’s take a trip back in time when I was first introduced to beer. I didn’t start to enjoy beer until my twenties, luckily for me I didn’t like beer as a teenager so this probably kept me out of trouble, I thought beer tasted like pond water and never really gave it much thought. As I got older I became interested in cooking and how good food was prepared so naturally I was drawn to independent businesses that made superior products and along came craft beer in the form of Red Nectar from Humbolt Brewing Co. When I first tasted that amazing brew I was totally blown away, it didn’t taste like old gym socks it was sweet and caramely with body and full of flavor. I had to ask are there other breweries out there making beer like this and if so I want to try them.
The hunt was on, I knew there was more out there so when ever I walked into a liquor store it was always to find a flavor of beer I have never had before. At the time 1993 – 94 the brands I was exploring were Samuel Smiths, Sierra Nevada, Sam Adams, Mendocino, New Castle, Young’s, and Fullers. A friend and I went back east for a few months and were drinking Saranac, New Amsterdam, and Catamount I enjoyed the east coast beers because they all seemed to be these small breweries with many different styles to choose from.
Another turning point was taking a trip to Portland and experiencing Deschutes Black Butte Porter. I met up with an old friend and went to a local pub and she told me that I had to try this beer Black Butte. That beer was so good it blew me away, I new then that I needed to do something with beer and continue to find bigger and better beers. A couple years later I got a job at a beer bar in Whittier called The 6740 where they changed their taps out on a regular basis and was one of the first bars in Los Angeles area to promote craft beer. There I met my wife to be and was able to get inside the beer business and what breweries were making the best beer. With the support of my cool girlfriend I began home brewing and really got into the craft of beer making, not just how it tasted but how it was made. I got a job at Bayhawk Ales in Costa Mesa and learned the ropes of the brewery and soon fond out how laborious the brewing business is. Taking it to the next level just wasn’t in my cards at the time I was needed at the bar and working 7 days a week was taking its toll. So I quit Bayhawk and focused on my home brewing.
Years went by and I knew it was time to fallow my dream so I started putting together business plans for breweries and restaurants. Both careers were demanding and expensive but the restaurant business was looking better and better the further along I came, and soon I was given the opportunity to purchase a restaurant called Cabo Taco in La Mirada, Ca. were I am today. I married my wife and started a family and am super involved in my business and the community we serve.
The restaurant has a rotating selection of craft beer that has been a great asset to the business and a way for me to stay connected with my passion for beer. I go out of my way to serve the best beer from the best breweries I can get my hands on, but still something was missing, the beer would come and go and I found myself explaining to people about the beer we had the month before or how some beers were seasonal and won’t last for long. So I felt the best way for me to express my passion was threw a blog, a video blog devoted to the best beer in the world American craft beer. So here it is American Beer TV a source for education and information about all things American beer. I hope you enjoy the site and possibly learn a thing or two. If you have any questions or comments or share a passion for beer and want to be on the show email me at

Get out there and drink craft beer.
Kenny Yowell