When you come across a beer like Avery Brabant you don’t question you just open and indulge. Avery as many other American breweries has started a barrel program to promote and to experiment in aging beers in oak barrels of all sorts. Brabant is aged in used Zinfandel barrels giving what would be a smooth Belgian amber or double into a work of art.

Bring on the Funk! Check out the description below from avery’s website!
Beer Style: Barrel-Aged Wild Ale, not brewed to any known style
Malt Variety: Two-row barley, dehusked carafa, honey malt, carafa 3, chocolate malt
OG: 1.074   ABV: 8.7%   IBUs: 25
Barrels: Red Zinfandel barrels from Norman Vineyards in Paso Robles, CA.
Color: Dark brown with ruby corners
Availability: One and done. 694 cases produced. Bottled February 10th, 2009. Grab it if you can find it!

Experimentation. Ales and lagers that defy styles or categories. This is what we are about: our driving force, our passion. To further facilitate this innovative spirit, we’ve developed our Barrel-Aged Series where anything, and we mean ANYTHING, goes! Brewed for those as adventurous as we are!

No. 1, Brabant, is a luscious dark ale fermented with two strains of wild yeast (Brettanomyces) then aged for 8 months in Zinfandel barrels. We hope you enjoy sifting through the vast layers of complexity in this mysterious ale.