avery samaelsSamael’s is one of those beers from Avery Brewing that is a big step above the rest. If you know anything about brewing beer, then you know that more sugar and supped up yeast strains will give you a butt load of alcohol. But beer that has too much alcohol starts to taste more like a sweet after dinner drink instead of a well crafted beer. Samael is a well crafted beer for one simple reason, the addition of oak chips in the conditioning process of the beer. Oak ads a level of complexity that allow the beer to age better and also cuts the sweetness from the residual sugar left behind. The brewers at Avery are very good at making drinkable well crafted beers that, lets face it, just taste good. But what they have been doing in the last few years with their barrel program and their high gravity beers is amazing. Making a beer that is 15.82% taste really good is really hard you must think out side the norm of the average beer and start to think of the big picture. Wine makers sit around and tinker with their wine all day it is time for the brewers to have a little fun too.

The Brewers Association put together a nice clip on Avery.
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