Beer News for February 2011 takes a look at some heath issues involving beer, USDA issued its 2010 Dietary Guidelines. It states: “One drink is defined as 12 fluid ounces of regular beer (5% alcohol), 5 fluid ounces of wine (12% alcohol), or 1.5 fluid ounces of 80 proof (40% alcohol) distilled spirits.

Rumor has it that ABI (Anheuser Bush In Bev) is planning to buy out SAB Miller for the price of 9 to 10 billion dollars.
San Francisco celebrates their beer week from February 11th through the 20th.
The Obama’s kick off the Super Bowl with some White House Honey Ale brewed with honey taken from the White House garden.
Brooklyn Brewery has expanded to a brewery that is capable of producing 120,000 bbl’s a year.
RIP Don Younger owner of the Portland Pub The Horse Brass passed away on January 30th.