Footage from Bootlegger brewery’s 3rd anniversary party. Some great beers, great food and some really great people. Although I had 10 drink tickets, some of the lambics towards the end were not shot really well and so got cut, sorry about that. If memory serves me, I believe the ones I tasted but did not get into the video were Nose Job, lambic #5 and knuckle sandwich.

Also shout outs to the guys from beers in paradise, Great guys who know their beer and their metal!

Here are all the beers that were on the list!
Bourbon Chaos – Belgian Ale aged in Bourbon barrels for 30 months
Lambic #1 – 3rd fill Hungarian Oak Barrel with Kombucha Culture, Aged 5 months
Blackberry Chaos – Golden Chaos Re-fermented with Blackberry Puree
Nose Job IPA
Brandy Chaos – Belgian Ale aged in brandy barrels for 30 months
Lambic #2 – 2nd Fill Hungarian Oak aged 14 months
Plum Riot – Belgian style ale infused with plums
Palomino Pale Ale – American Style Pale Ale
Imperial Pheonix Bourbon Barrel – Imperial Pheonix aged in bourbon barrel for 4 months
Lambic #3 – Sour Aged in 3rd fill French Oak Wine Barrels for 5 months
Dry Hopped ESB – Dry Hopped with EKG, this borders an english style IPA
Golden Chaos – Belgian Style Golden Ale
Sour 76 Ale with Cherries – An English style Old Ale soured in a bourbon barrel with sweet cherries
Lambic #4 – Sour Ale Aged 4 months in 3rd fill Hungarian Oak Barrel
Dr. Tongue – Over the top bitterness with lots more hop flavor
Imperial Pheonix with Extra chipotle – Imperial phoenix aged with extra chipotle
77 anniversary ale – 2nd year anniversary ale, Belgian style barleywine
Lambic #5 – Sour Ale aged 15 months in 2nd fill american oak barrel
Hopinator Hefeweizen – Our Old World Hef filtered through citra hops and vanilla beans
Black Phoenix – Export style stout brewed with coffee and chipotle
78 anniversary ale – Somewhere between a scotch ale and a rauchbier, smokey and malty
Wild Willey – Our Golden Chaos soured
Rocco Red – A hoppy american red ale
Rustic Rye – Our easy drinking rye IPA
Imperial Phoenix – Imperial stout brewed with smoked malt coffee chipotle peppers and black pepper
Ollolieberry wild – a sour re-fermented with ollolieberries
Spring Ale – Blond ale brewed with sage, tarragon, chamomile and honey
Hopinero – Hoppy ale brewed with habenero
Prohibition mild – full flavored 3.2 beer
Brett Chaos – Golden Chaos refermented with bretannomyces
Knuckle Sandwich – Our double IPA
Old World Hefeweizen – A traditional style german hefeweisen