Kenny and I headed out to Bootlegger’s brewery to taste beers, talk to the locals, and enjoy great craft beer! Bootlegger’s has been trying to keep knucle sandwich on the shelves, however they haven’t been able to keep up with the demand.  We wanted to go back to the brewery when they were able to re-release it to talk to Aaron about the knuckle sandwich phenomenon.

As you would expect, Aaron was really busy so we tried several of their other beers before breaking out the star of the hour. We tried Bootlegger’s spring ale, lambic #2 and Dr. Tongue. A horde of food trucks descended on the event to keep everyone well fed. The best I tried had to be the bacon-mania truck. Just phenomenal. Get out and try this truck.

Knuckle sandwich however was the star of the hour, and we tasted it with Aaron. The next day Bill headed back to Bootleggers to cover the award presentation from Dan at presenting Aaron with the best craft beer of 2010 award. Stephan and John from New Brew Thursday made a guest appearance, and although they weren’t shooting that night, it was really cool to meet them. Bill spent a good amount of time talking to Dan, Stephan and John about beer, videos and the beer blogging scene.

The brewery scene is really where it is at, and there is no better way to meet your fellow beer geeks and try great beer than to get out to your local brewery. Picking up a six pack or bomber at the store is one thing, but if you really want to feel the pulse of the dynamic energy in the craft beer scene, get to your brewery and as always, drink American Craft Beer!