highway_78 scotch aleStone Brewing, Green Flash, Pizza Port Carlsbad, has come together to make a great Scotch Ale unlike any beer I have ever had from any of them. This Scotch Ale is 8.8% abv yet is a super smooth malt bomb which is just what makes its beer so odd to be a collaboration ale from three breweries that are really known for making hop bombs. These three breweries over the past few years have been setting the mark for great tasting hoppy beers, that have become west coast IPA’s.

So here it is the reason why these breweries are so great is the fact that they can redefine a style of beer and turn around and nail a traditional style beer like the scotch ale. I am sure that we will start to see a change in trend in the near future for the styles of beers coming out of the south west coast from going back to real roots brewing techniques to some way out new stuff that will blow us all away.

Here are some more facts from Stone Brewing.

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