Deschutes Black Butte XXIII
So this is when craft beer starts to get interesting, cocoa nibs, orange, pasilla chili, and 25% aged in bourbon barrels. Black Butte Porter is one of the best porters on the market today and Deschutes has taken it to another level. The sounds of these ingredients are a bit weird when you think about putting them in a beer but when you taste the beer you will think again. The additions of the adjuncts are subtle so the beer comes across as an imperial porter but as you get into the pallet it all starts to open up.
This will be a good beer to lie down for a while or drink it now it is ready to go. You will notice on the bottle that Deschutes has given a date to drink after so as to lay it down but I always like to taste the beer young then put one away for a later date. Have fun with this one and share with a friend.