During the late 70’s home brewing became legal and little by little Americans began to experiment with new and old traditional styles of beer. Amongst those home brewers was Ken Grossman who took his passion and hobby of brewing beer and started Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in Chico Ca. where it still stands today as one of the largest breweries in the country. One man who influenced Ken was Fritz Maytag who took over Anchor Brewing in San Francisco in the late 60’s and made Anchor brewing a true craft brewery by refusing to use adjuncts like corn or rice in his beer. Fritz was a visionary and wanted Americans to experience the traditions of American beer before prohibition and to create what is now a community of real beer lovers. This would have to put Fritz Maytag in the position of being the God Father of craft beer.
On the east coast in Boston Mass. Jim Koch was working his way up the corporate ladder but felt that something was missing. Jim had a deep family history of brewers that dated back hundreds of years, and always wanted to keep that tradition alive so in 1984 Jim set out to start the Boston Brewing Co. and create Samuel Adams. Jim played and still does a huge roll in the brand awareness and marketing of American craft beer.
Soon other breweries would start to pop up with the same drive and passion of those before them. Amongst them to name a few was Deschutes from Bend Or., Rouge from Newport Or., and Saranac from Utica NY.