Matilda is a Belgian Style Ale from Goose Island brewery out of Chicago, Il. Who has been brewing quality beers since 1988. I have to admit that this was one of the best beers I have had all year. As you can tell by our excitement in the video that this one knocked it out of the park. For those of you who are in to Belgian style beers Matilda just touches every flavor profile that is associated with Belgian beer, from the fruity to the sour it is all there. Matilda is part of a Belgian series that Goose Island produces and all of the styles that I have tried are amazing. The owners of Goose Island take a trip to Belgium every year to tour the breweries and study the different styles of beers, Matilda is styles after a pale ale and has a hint of brett added befor bottling to give it that wild rustic flavor.
Matilda pairs well with food so would be the perfect choice to take to a dinner party to share with your friends. Matilda is a beer that will impress people that don’t consider themselves beer lovers just because it is so complex it doesn’t taste like any of the typical American beers that most are used to drinking.

Goose Island Brewery