Pere Jaques from Goose Island Brewing Co. is another stellar example of their brewing expertise. Pere Jaques is an Abbey style ale that is named after the abbot at the Rochefort Monastery in Belgium. Although American ales cannot be called Trappist ales this is as good as it gets with its deep caramel notes and spicy yeast flavor. By spending the time and visiting Belgium once a year gives the brewers at Goose Island an edge on the brewing process by being able to ask questions and to see the brewing techniques of the Trappist breweries. Belgians have a very different philosophy about brewing than Americans; they tend to think of beer as we do wine and think of how the flavors will match up to food. As Americans develop a craving for these styles of beers I’m sure we will see more choices when it comes to dinning out.
We had so much fun shooting this video, the beer was so complex that we just kept going back and forth with new flavors that where hitting our pallet. Goose Island just started distribution on the west coast this year so we are stoked to be able to sample their beers. Goose Island has been a part of the craft beer scene since 1988 and makes many different styles that appeal to a large number of beer lovers. I personally think that with companies like Goose Island American craft beer has no competition when to mastering a style of beer. It is like having a traditional Belgian brewery right in our own back yard.

Goose Island Brewery