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We went out to Hanger 24 to visit the country’s largest growing craft brewery for the past two years. Hanger 24 has an amazing story.  Sourcing local products they have leveraged the community to grow by leaps and bounds. Hanger 24 produced 1000 barrels of beer their first year, 4000 barrels in the second year, 10000 barrels the third year and they are currently shooting for 20,000 barrels this year. That is spectacular growth, and to make it more impressive they’ve done most of this growing just selling to the Inland Empire area of Southern California, an area not particularly renown for craft beer.

The brewery is located in a refurbished hanger across the street from the Redland’s Airport. In fact, a few days before there had been a plane crash on the street in front of the brewery. The staff of the brewery ran to the rescue of the pilot and got him out before the plane went up in flames.

Here’s a link to the news report including interviews with Joe and Tim from Hanger 24.


We were able to sit down with head brewer Joe Savage and share a few beers with him.