After I made plans to homebrew on wednesday for homebrew Wednesday, I watched some of the videos. I was a bit dissapointed to find out that it seemed to be more about tasting homebrew than brewing it, but what the hell, I hit the ground running, right! So this saison has been a bit of a troubled child. We wanted to create a Dryhopped Saison with Golden Raisins, well we dryhopped it after tasting it so, that wasn’t part of the plan from the get go. However, I was so happy from the way it turned out in this tasting that I went to Kenny and had him open a few of his bottles. Much to my dismay, they were all flat. There was a tiny amount of yeast at the bottom, but no where near the amount on mine. We realized that the ones that I kept had been the ones at the bottom of the keg, and thus might have gotten more yeast sediment. We seem to have a bottling problem because these bottles were dead flat even though we force carbonated them. We pulled the rest of the bottles out of the fridge so they could bottle condition, and hopefully the rest of them will carbonate to this lovely standard.