Hi All,

We’ve finally gotten around to homebrewing a bit. Kenny and I are both homebrewers with a total of almost 10 years of homebrewing experience. However day to day life, and tasting great beers had gotten in the way for a bit and we both wanted to get back to it. What better way to jump in than with a great homebrewed stout! We used 6 different grains which added a very nice complexity to the malt flavor, but only one kind of hops, fuggles. To add even more blackness and sugar we used just over 2 lbs of molasses in the boil as well. A total of 22 lbs of grain and 2 lbs of molasses went into this black flavor monster.

To satisfy our experimental urge for even more craziness we took our imperial russian stout, after primary, secondary and about a week of lagering, and split it into 2 one gallon jugs, and kegged the other 3 gallons. In one of the one gallon jugs, we added about 1.5 lbs of tart cherries and a vial of brettonmyces, and to the other we added an ounce of toasted french oak chips that had been aged in maker’s mark bourbon. We are going to let these go for about 6 months before bottling them. Check out the video and let us know what you think!