– I know we are into March, a little late for winter warmers, however this one was filmed in January I believe, just took a while to get too it! I actually had this bottle left over from a Christmas party I went to! :-)
Karl Strauss’ Full Suit Belgian Brown ale is one sweet beer. The yeasts left lots of belgiany-malty sweetness  after making the 6.3% abv for this one. Full Suit is low on the hops at only 24 ibus. I wasn’t aware of this when making the video, but Karl Strauss’ website indicates that a portion of Full Suit is aged on french oak. I didn’t get much of that in the nose or flavor though.
Full Suit is kind of an unusual style. Think a standard English brown made with lots of Belgian candy sugar and a fruity Belgian yeast strain. That will give you an idea of what to expect for this beer.
Pretty good stuff if you like lots of malt and sweet beers.