While going through all the craft beer available, Kenny and I discovered that if we were going to review all of them together, we would spend a lot of time on your more daily drinking craft beers. Since they are certainly good beers, and deserve tasting and mentioning on the site, we decided that the daily drinkers we could review solo, and work together on the really special beers and give them the attention they deserve.

Keeping that in mind, here is a pretty widely available daily drinker from Kona Brewing in Hawaii. This is their Pipeline Porter, a┬ásolidly┬ádrinkable porter brewed with Kona coffee. ABV is mild and sessionable at 5.3%, and like you would expect from a porter, not many hops. Pipeline porter comes in at just 23 IBU’s. According to Kona Brewing’s website, Pipeline porter is brewed with eight different varieties of malts; pale, carapils, victory, caramel 80, extra special, chocolate malt, dark chocolate malt and roasted barley. For hops Kona is using warrior, williamette, and millenium hops, however don’t look to this to try top pick out a hop profile.

If you find this out and about, give it a shot. It’s not something crazy like a big barrel aged beer, but a good solid craft beer to take to a party and introduce some light lager drinkers into craft beer!