Lost Abbey from San Marcos Ca. is known for producing exceptional Belgian Style ales. Angel’s Share is one of those beers that you will remember tasting for the rest of your life. At American Beer TV we take it to the next level by tasting the Brandy Barrel aged version and the Bourbon Barrel aged version. Angel’s Share is unique in the way that it is brewed to be aged in barrels for a long period of time. The Bourbon Barrel Version comes in at 12.5% abv while the Brandy Barrel version comes in at 11.5% abv. The two beers are worlds abaft in flavor and aroma. The Brandy Barrels gave the beer notes of fruit, cherries, leather and light smoke. The Bourbon Barrels gave the beer notes of dark chocolate, vanilla, and toasted coconut. So here is the deal if you can find this beer I highly suggest you buy it, don’t worry about the cost just buy it.