Part of the reasons we love doing this is to taste some of the greatest beers on the planet. Today we get extremely opulent, but not without a reason however. We are attempting to answer an important beerological question. What is the specific flavor profile imparted on to the same beer by different types of spirit barrels. To help us answer the question, we broke out two different bottles of Angel’s Share from Lost Abbey. One bottle of  Angel’s Share aged in bourbon barrels, and the other aged in brandy barrels.

It is important to note that according to our research, Lost Abbey used the same base beer for each going into the barrels, however the recipe they used was specifically designed to pull more flavor out of the barrels.

We were very surprised by our findings. Both were excellent beers, that wasn’t the surprising part. But what we didn’t expect is how dramatically different they would be in both flavor and aroma. Oak aging really does make a tremendous difference in the flavor of a beer, and they type of spirit used in the barrel compounds the difference.  This was a great experience. I hope you enjoy watching the results.