Festive, yet good enough on it's own merit to drink year round.

It’s Autumn, I know this not because of a picturesque changing in the leaves, or brisk winds and cooling temperatures. Though true else where, in Southern California between unchanged foliage and record heat, you’d be hard pressed to validate Autumn by any other means other than the beer section of your local liquor or grocery store. Everywhere, especially in choicer locations, there’s the constant confrontation of obligatory seasonal drinks using the A-Typical time tested ingredients of the season, these drinks vary from cluttered and almost tacky affronts of sweet/savory spices mushed together with a sickly pumpkins to the ideal and cozy blends that you’d swear hold the essence of Autumn itself. Luckily the following drink is the latter.

The Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin Ale from Uinta Brewing Company located out of Salt Lake in Utah was true to every tenant of it’s name,the Oak and sweet spices of Vanilla and possibly Nutmeg outpace any Pumpkin on the nose while even the first sip lends itself to more to these with addition sorted Malt flavors to balance the sweet. The Pumpkin flavors did emerge however, and once it did they slowly seemed to ramp up with each additional sip, and did I mention the Oak? The Head had a gorgeous off-white cream color to it, with the neat foamy texture more akin to properly frothed milk, while the beer itself took on a gorgeous amber hue more orange than red if truth be told. In the end Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin Ale had ideal balance; festive yes, but still good on it’s own merit to enjoy year round.