Conversation over Ommegang Hennepin Saison about smelling your beer and truly enjoying the flavor and aroma. Kenny and Bill discus why you should take your time to appreciate craft beer and what it has to offer. There is so much happening with the aroma of your beer that effects the flavor. You should always pour craft beer into a glass and smell it as you drink it, if you just drink beer out of a bottle you are robbing yourself of flavor.

The pour of a beer is important to developing a proper head. Although pouring a beer with head has been considered bad form in some of the standard beer circles, the head is an important part of experiencing a beer to the fullest. The head is full of bubbles that are essentially pockets of pure aroma. When they burst, they release the aroma within, delivering it to your nose. The sense of taste relies heavily on the sense of smell, so getting a good whiff of your beer is an essential part of tasting, and appreciating your beer!