Hi Guys, I hit up The Bruery’s 3rd anniversary party and got to try some of the best beers on the planet. The VIP list was amazing, and I tried to record as many as I could that hadn’t been on the show already. I could have easily have dedicated a whole video to each of these beers, and hopefully we will have time to go into more detail on some in the future. Here’s what we were able to get our hands on.

Cuir – 3rd Anniversary old ale blended with 1st and 2nd anniversary ales – 14.5%
Chocolate Rain – Black tuesday (18.2% stout aged in Bourbon barrels) aged with cocoa nibs and vanilla beans. – 18.2%
The Wanderer – Sour Ale Collaberation with Beer City – 8%
Barrel Fermented Autumn Maple – Autumn Maple fermended in oak barrels – 10%
Bottleworks XII – Imperial Belgian Wit with sour ale yeasts, aged in barrels with raspberries – 8%
Pinolambicus – Sour ale brewed with Pinot grapes – 8.4%
Acer Quercus – Ale with Maple syrup and oak cubes – 9.5%