The Bruery Black Tuesday Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout has gotten a reputation as one of the most sought after beers in the craft beer community, and for good reason! This is one big beer in every way, in flavor, in alcohol, in craftsman ship, and in reputation! For the 2010 release of Black Tuesday, the beer wizards at The Bruery had a very tough decision to make. The 2009 release had an ABV of 19.5%, and yet had a fantastic flavor. In future releases, the deep question is what is the aspect that makes Black Tuesday the fantastic beer it is, is it the flavor, or is it the alcohol? For the 2010 release they chose flavor, even if that meant a slightly lower 18.2% ABV. That’s a bold move, but very understandable once you factor in some of the unpredictable aspects of¬†fermentation, especially pushed to such extremes.¬†

Regardless of the ABV, Black Tuesday is a bold and multilayered explosion of flavor. Black Tuesday comes on sweet, but not syrupy, with layers of coffee, vanilla, oak, caramel, and toffee flavors. As this beer is so difficult to find and experience, we here at American Beer TV, want to do what we can to share this beer with as many people as I can.