Loakal Red is an untraditional red ale from The Bruery which is a small craft beer brewery that specializes in Belgian influenced ales. Located in Orange County Ca. were there seems to be a large population of hop heads The Bruery brewed up a batch of Loakal Red to satisfy the cravings for some of their local clients. After tasting this beer I would say without a doubt that they nailed it. This beer is full of all the things you enjoy about hops, floral notes with clean bitterness and just to make things more interesting The Bruery aged 20% of it in American oak for complexity. The Bruery is always taking their beer to the next level and to brew what would appear to be a simple American Red Ale has turned out to be a sophisticated beer to wow the beer geeks.

If you are not familiar with The Bruery here is a peek. From CraftBeer.com
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