Rugbrod is a Danish rye ale brewed by The Bruery located in Placentia, Ca. in the tradition of Julebryg beer using three types of rye. This would be a holiday seasonal ale but The Bruery releases this beer in the fall which I think is great because you can enjoy it throughout the fall and winter. I thouraly enjoyed drinking this beer with my buddy Bill who is a big fan of The Bruery and has a lot of great beer knowledge.
Rugbrod weighs in at 8% abv and is a very complex beer great to pair with food or stand alone. The Bruery is always on top of the craft beer scene and continues to make great beers without being scared to use unconventional ingredients. Although The Bruery is only two years old I feel they are going to be around for a long time coming out with seasonal releases to knock our socks off.
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